Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Life as a dating mother of 46 years old, who looks younger, is quite a task!
How strange is it to live as a married woman for 18 years, bear five beautiful children, and now to have them peruse my potential suitors!

Odd as it is, I find it exciting and intriguing to behold the male species fluffing its feathers and prancing about like a peacock.

Bold displays of sexual prowess, mixed with heartfelt sincere bullshit!

Brazen photos of naked chests...some quite unattractive...then on to photos of their car (if they have one) their motorcycle, their dog, their children, their big screen TV's and last but not least the saying "take time to smell the roses"

How clique' .....looking for that special woman (anyone who is breathing)
Their persona comes down to "a hound dog in heat, hiding behind an IM screenname" which gives them an uncanny ability to talk about sex like we have been intimate from the first keystoke!

Amazing.....then on to the "meeting" this is an exemplary display of how cheap men shallow and just plain out of it........"let's meet for coffee" (Mr Ed not included here) translates to "make out in my car"
"What are you doing tonight" translates to "Come over to my house.(no matter how far it is for you to drive) and let's have wild crazy meaningless sex"

Yea right guys!!

What ever happened to actually asking a woman out on a real date???

Like a nice dinner, flowers, a glass of wine...romance...(GONE WITH THE WIND)

But inevitably I have made some friends, and found that time alone or spent with my children is so very precious.....and much less time consuming than IM'ing and text messaging (a phone call seems too intimate for these men sometimes) and with certain men the phone call is exactly that...and like it that way...(Jay)

Well, this saga shall continue until further notice....due to the inability of men to commit!!! TADA!!